Welcome to FRO8


The year is 1183 by the Isawa Calendar, the thirteenth year of Empress Iweko’s divine reign. For years now the Empire has undertaken a herculean effort to claim the distant island known as ‘World’s Edge’. It is here that precious jade can be recovered now that the lands of Rokugan are all but empty of the sacred medium, it is from here that strange new plants, gems, and woods slowly make their way back to the heart of the Emerald Empire. Yet for all that effort, the harbour town of Iweko’s Light can claim at long last that it is a fully fledged, fully self sufficient town in its own right, and the growing town of Honour’s Spring takes its own first steps on that path. A Samurai can be proud of what has been accomplished, even as new challenges emerge.

The colony finds itself surrounded on all sides by mysterious tribes, that have their own culture, their own history, their own battles and their own prejudices. As the Samurai adapt to the people of this land, Bushido will be their only true guide in how to treat these strange people. Even if they navigate those uncertain waters, to the north, the Ivory Kingdoms still look south, some with respect and others with envy.

Yet, even as the world without remains shrouded, the world within the colony remains in a delicate balance. The ancient laws of Rokugan find themselves challenged by a land that cares not for what is proper and decent, and people who have decided to give into that land rather than struggle against what they see as unchangeable fate. While this struggle continues, the pride of the Clans long held in check by simple necessity begin to awaken, and the challenge of balancing what is right for the Clan and what is right for everyone becomes ever harder to address.

Samurai of all walks of life, of all skills, must rise up to confront these challenges, to forge not only a home for themselves, but to mark the Island as a part of the Empire in such a way as no one will ever forget. Should they fail, their memories will be cursed for generations. Are you willing to take up one of these causes?