Welcome to FRO8


Word has reached the Divine Empress Iweko I of a strange island, far from Rokugan’s shores but hiding a fabulous wealth of jade. With the Empire’s jade reserves stretched past their limits by the demands of the 12th century, the Empress directs her loyal samurai to prepare an expedition to settle the island, claim it in her name, and tap its resources for the betterment of Rokugan. But no great prize is ever claimed without a struggle. Far from the lands of their ancestors and with the mysterious Ivory Kingdoms close at hand, the loyal samurai of the new colony will face an array of challenges, from the punishing climate, to the gaijin peoples calling the island home. There are strange magics and spirits of the land, and age-old feuds and fractiousness of their own people…

Within the colony, the samurai work with few resources beyond their own ingenuity to build the infrastructure, economy, and culture in this strange place so far from Rokugan. From triplicate paperwork to trade wars to hunting down the mysterious, the Colonial Administration has a great many dangers to protect the colony from– all of them from within.

Perhaps the above isn’t your speed, maybe you want to explore this strange new island, meet new people and new creatures and kill, tame or befriend them, and see new things that no one in all of Rokugan has seen before. For those of this bent, the Exploration Sphere is open for your choice.

Or perhaps you are a more crafty, underhanded sort, in it for money, personal ambition, or to advance your Clan’s interests by any means necessary. If you are of that bent, any of the above spheres will offer ample opportunity to pursue your goals by more clandestine means… just don’t get caught! Everyone knows ninja don’t exist and if you’re a ninja, well, you might not exist after people find out! (In essence, underworld and ninja types will be in the other spheres but achieving their aims through more clandestine means, rather than having a separate sphere of their own as they have in some past FROs.)

All of you will have a place in defining your Clan or faction’s identity in a new world, for good or ill. Will you be a traditionalist holding on to the memory of your ancestors and the Tao as you swelter in the punishing heat and humidity? Or will you throw away your kimono to embrace native garb and maybe a bit of their faith? The choice is yours.